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Be Inspired cafe Audio
Feb 2012 Naomi Reed
Please note this audio is on the Acacia Ridge Presbyterian Church Website you scroll down to the bottom of the sermons page to community talks and follow the link.
Feb/March 2011
1. Rachel Enchelmaier
2. Deborah Acason
Carmelina Reid Audio (listen here click on audio icon), and download notes (by clicking on W).
New Children's Story Book by local church authors "Mellie"
Patricia Weerakoon 2011
Order DVD here
Order DVD Patricia Weerakoon on relationships
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Other resources for Patricia's talks are found on QCCA website  and Acacia Ridge Presbyterian website
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We envisage that you may need some help with organising and advertising your event. We are set up to assist you, here are some things that may be of assistance. Just get in touch and we can see where we can help.
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Other items available on request.
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